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This is my first 'released' Unity3d project. It is a Frankenstein's monster of tutorials (namely Unity3d's own Roll-A-Ball and Survival Shooter), code snippets, and 'that'll do'.  I just wanted to release a finished prototype, I did not mess with resolutions or anything, so if it doesn't work on your machine I'm sorry.

The game: WASD to move, click on the elemental force button to attack. You collect the yellow cubes which give you power and some health. You collect elemental powers from the summoning spheres of that particular element. You are able to execute an elemental area-of-effect  attack, affecting only the opposing element. Fire beats forest, forest beats water, water beats fire.  Grey enemies can be attacked with no elemental force, but the 'mana' cost is the same. 

When you have full mana and an elemental force, you can destroy the 'altar' of the opposing element by entering it with the elementball. When destroyed, they turn into respawning 'pure' altars, which give you health and mana. You win when all the altars are destroyed.

Credit: The music ('Wolf Blood') is by Adrian Von Ziegler (@AdrianVZiegler), a Swiss composer that makes some beautiful music in a variety of styles; Particle effects are by Alessandro Salvati (@NeatWolf) and his work is available on the asset store (This is the pack I used: https://www.assetstore.unity3d...).

Install instructions

There are no specific instructions, but I recommend it is run in full-screen mode. 


Elementball for Windows 23 MB

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